Jenna's avatar

this is the avatar of the owner of rushpk=jenna

There are 8 staff members in RushPk, I will explain them all here

THE OWNER - Jenna : a friendly person who loves to make a chat with the players when she's not busy, little warning she has the habit of going afk for long periods of time

DEVELOPER - Keith: Can be hard to talk to but friendly towards people and he's jenna's boyfriend little warning he has the habit to change his mind every 10 seconds

CO-OWNER - we don't have any at the moment

ADMIN - we don't have any at the moment

MODS -There are 2 Moderators at the moment, they are :

Green phat: Fun to talk to, can be a little hard on himself tries to do his best to help

SIDENOTE:has been know to lure

Ninja:last but not least Ninja a nice funny guy who has been with rushpk the longest just the same as xn200

Forum Mod's-White Phat- A super nice guy who is always on forums.