xn200 skills

This page is all about the Skills in RushPk

Attack - This will allow you to hit more often on your opponent.

Strength - This will allow you to hit higher so that you can kill the enemy quicker

Defence - This will allow you to wear better armour and be more damage resistant

Range - Will allow you to attack enemies from a distance using a bow or a crossbow

Prayer - This will allow you some great bonuses like protect from melee;range and magic

Curse variant works even better

Capslock 12

Capslock skils

Magic - This will allow you to attack from a distance too, only using spells instead of arrows

Runecrafting - This skill will allow you to make runes for magic and to also make money by selling them

Dungeonearing - Allows you to gain points to unlock new items and equipment, also is a small minigame of some sort

Hunter - allows you to hunt all sort's of animal's

Hitpoints - allows you to take more damage till you die

Agility - allows you to use various shortcuts around RushPk

Herblore - allows you to make potions for various bonuses

Thieving - allows you to make quick cash

Crafting - Makes you money and amulets, even dragonhide armour!

Fletching - allows you to make bows and arrows

Slayer - Gives you access to the harder and higher levelled monsters of the game

Summoning - Raises combat and allows you to have a familiar or a pet with you, helpful in battle situations

Mining - allows you to mine for ore

Smithing - allows you to make armour and weapons and the elusive Dragonfire Shield

Fishing - allows you to fish

Cooking - allows you to cook the fish you caught/bought

Firemaking - allows you to make fire to cook fish, or maybe you're just a pyromaniac

Woodcutting - allows you to cut wood to sell or start Firemaking

Farming - allows you to farm herbs

And finally the new Pking skill, which you level up in from killing people, it also increases the amount of RushPk Pk points you gain per kill and allows you to unlock special armour and weapons