Welcome to the Rushpk Wiki, Created by Brent (Xn200)Edit

This Wiki is about the Runescape Private Server named RushPk

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RushPk's Halloween themed Forum banner

This Wiki was created by Brent (Xn200) and was co-edited by Capslock and IBeLiam For more information about RushPk, visit the Forums

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A Brief DescriptionEdit

RushPk is a Runescape private server (RSPS) and although the name may suggest it, it isn't all about Pking, however it does have fluent and flawless Pking in operation.

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Players at RushPk's home area

In this Wiki, There is information about Staff, Skills and even popular/regular players, so you fully understand everything about RushPk

It is currently in its Halloween state, and has a handy 'Vote for Halloween items' system currently underway.

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Xn200 and IBeLiam Famous players of RushPk

Recent RushPk ActivityEdit

This will be updated daily with what has happened in RushPk

12 November

Liam quits.

2nd November

  • horachio3 says goodbye for now

1st November

  • Pking clan Evolutionz is created
  • IBeLiam loses his Vesta+Claws to a Prayer Glitcher (FML)
  • Brent's preparing himself for some bad news he'll put out to the community by the end of the week

31st October

  • IBeLiam returns
  • Duper caught and banned
  • Defcantpk quit(a real shame he was a good person)
  • Jenna told a limited group there's going to be a admin soon

30th October

  • Duper, Rollback, Sorted.

29th October

  • Xat box and Fansite created

28th October

  • Server was down for a while due to a bug while updating[[Category::)]]