There are many different ways to pk on RushPk, ranging from Farcasting to Boxing! In this page I'll analyse and go over a few of the more widely used methods.

Void pking (melee) is a powerful method of attack, but the only downside is that you have a very low defense bonus towards other melee fighters, so this method is only good for rangers, or else you might end up being owned by a few quick dds specs.
ScreenHunter 02 Nov. 01 16.48

Example of a Void Melee pker

Void pking (range) is an all round winner, not only do you have a massive range boost due to your void, but you also have a reasonable defence towards other rangers.

Farcasting is a brilliant way to be heavily insulted, but if you're beyond level 20 wilderness, then you should eventually wear out your opponent and kill them. The only downside again is that you have a low melee defense, and you can't hit well on dragonhide rangers, so go for a melee fighter and smite them as much as you can.
ScreenHunter 03 Nov. 01 16.48

Farcasting gear

The most famous method of pking would have to be using Dragon Claws to overpower your opponent, an example is shown in this short video.

thumb|300px|right|D Claws pking